What Kind Of Cancer Does Shannen Doherty Have?

Shannen Maria Doherty, the American actress, has stage 4 breast cancer which was diagnosed in March 2015. The actress is now not only concentrating on working hard but also wants to prove that people can work with cancer. “She wants to be the best example on set for other people who are suffering from cancer and the outside world who don’t have cancer,” Doherty says.

In an interview, she disclosed that she was going into remission in 2017. In 2020, unfortunately, her breast cancer returned as Stage IV triple-negative breast cancer. She opened up about the post-treatment uncertainties in a 2019 interview as well, saying, “I look at it like I’m lucky to be alive every minute, every second of the day.” 

How Is Shannen Doherty Doing In 2022?

In 2021 Doherty revealed about her Breast Cancer through her Instagram in October, the international Breast Cancer Awareness Month. In a post, she shared some heartbreaking photos of herself going through treatment and a picture of her shaved head.

Talking about her hair loss, she confessed that she had tried to use a cold cap, but it didn’t work for her. Doherty wrote. “My hair started falling out in clumps when I washed it, and I had bald spots that were becoming increasingly difficult to conceal..”

As she begins the new year, Doherty hopes that her health will continue to stay stable and that her battle with stage 4 cancer will be won. She is also open to new opportunities and wants to work with people who always admire her and work with her. 

Shannen Doherty Health Update: How Is Shannen Doherty Doing Today?

In a recent Instagram post, Doherty gave a new health update. Accompanying a selfie of herself along with her bandages, she mentioned her visit to doctors for scans with a #cancerslayer” hashtag.

Her condition hasn’t stopped Doherty from being professionally active. Even throughout the years of her cancer treatments, she has worked in two telemovies, List of a Lifetime,  a cancer drama, and Dying to Belong, a remake of the 1997 Hilary Swank starring movie. The actress has also worked in Fortress’s action thriller, starring Bruce Willis and Chad Michael Murray.

In an interview last year, Doherty shared how continuing her professional career in the entertainment industry has helped her share her experience and make a case for the opportunities of cancer patients in the workplace.

She mentioned that she is trying to live her best and set an example for people that even cancer can’t stop her from working.

How To Lower The Risk Of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer

Even though certain risk factors like family history cannot be changed, research shows that a healthy lifestyle can lower the risk of breast cancer significantly. Here are some tips on lifestyle changes that can help you reduce the risk of breast cancer:

Limit Alcohol Intake

According to researchers, the amount of alcohol you drink is directly related to your risk of having breast cancer. To lower the risk, limiting your overall alcohol intake is highly recommended. The general recommendation is only one drink per day.

Maintain Ideal Weight

Being overweight or underweight can increase the risk of breast cancer. To minimise the risk, it is important to maintain a healthy weight. To do this, you can consult your doctor or a nutritionist and reduce your calorie intake. Exercising regularly too will help you maintain your weight. 

If you’re already the one with a healthy weight, try to maintain it and if you’re carrying some extra pounds, try to lose some. Even losing a small amount of weight can have other health benefits, and it’s an excellent place to start.

Remain Physically Active

This brings us to another important tip – of remaining physically active regularly. Leading a physically active lifestyle will help you stay in shape and reduce the risk of breast cancer. In addition, you should limit sedentary behaviour such as lying down while watching TV.  Also, limit the amount of time you sit at the office desk.

Breast-Feed Longer

If you are a nursing mother, then breastfeeding longer can help you prevent or minimise the risk of developing breast cancer. According to research, breastfeeding has a protective effect where breast cancer is concerned. The longer you breastfeed, the greater the protective effect it has.

Wrapping Up

Shannen Doherty’s triple-negative breast cancer has led her to many challenging paths. But after battling cancer for seven long years, she still remains an empowering figure for those diagnosed with cancer worldwide.

She is indeed an inspiration for cancer survivors. And if you want to remain cancer-free or away from the risk of breast cancer, then be sure to follow a healthy lifestyle. Also, don’t forget the regular checkups.

Stay healthy, Stay Safe!